GORDIUS Little Giant
GORDIUS Little Giant

GORDIUS Little Giant
Welcome to the GORDIUS website

Are you in search for the most flexible MIDI foot controller on the market?
Do you want it to be really compact and yet have more features ever?
Or do you want it really extended, featuring a 13-key full octave switch layout?
Maybe you don't want a foot controller at all? Because you already own the popular and inexpensive Behringer FCB1010 - you only wish it could be a better match to your specific setup, or support that crazy idea you have, but no gear currently supports?
Or perhaps you're a keyboard player, looking for a compact desktop MIDI magician,
turning a simple keystroke into whatever complex MIDI control stream,
routing your keyboard output to different modules, on different channels,
doing blazing fast transposing with a single key press, or... you name it

Many many questions, each of them being tackled by the Gordius MIDI controller
products. These products hope to be one of those gorgeous little resources
which turn out to be of great use for the creative musician. Getting curious?
Take a short break and visit our products page. Welcome!

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