GORDIUS Little Giant
GORDIUS Little Giant

GORDIUS Little Giant
Gordius? Who the fxxx is Gordius?

We are a very small Belgium based company of music electronics enthusiasts.
Why do we exist? Too many times, we've come across musicians, who love to spend all their valuable time doing what they're best at: playing great music. And yet, they are forced into wasting a lot of time reading boring manuals, surfing around on user forums, just trying to get their gear under control, or make it do just that little more, which makes the difference in music. It's amazing to see how creativity can take control, as soon as you don't have to bother about any technical challenges any more.
Not being top notch musicians ourselves, we decided to put our energy in the "techno side" of the story, creating more user friendly controllers, and this way hoping to take away some of that frustration of you, real musicians, giving you the freedom of full control over your instruments and sounds.

In the first place, being very small means: being able to listen to each and every customer, being open for enhancements, new ideas, and ready to implement these ideas into the product. Even after buying any of the products, you will be able to further extend its possibilities and add functionality, through clever and easy USB- enabled firmware upgrades. It might even be possible to customize your Gordius equipment to your very specific needs. That's the kind of service you cannot expect from any major instruments manufacturer. And that's the main reason why we believe there is room for such a small but dedicated company on this big globe.
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