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GORDIUS Little Giant
Obtaining the new v.3.0 firmware for the LG2

  • First of all be aware that the upgrade to v.3.0 will clear your setup.
    The "old" ControlCenter v.2.3.2 contains a tool to convert your current
    setup to v.3.0 format. For more info have a look at following document : LG2_firmware_V_3_0.pdf

  • Make sure your LG2 is on the latest 2.3.0 firmware first!
    This is necessary in order to enable upgrading to 3.0.

  • To proceed with the upgrade to v.3.0, you need a personal registration code.
    In order to receive this code, send an email to feedback@gordius.be with
    content :Product type : [LG,LGM or LGX]
     Serial Number : xxx
     Hardware version : x.x
    ( You can see this info in ControlCenter after connecting your LG2,
    or in the local LG2 menu GLOBAL SETUP > Service > About my unit )

    You will receive a reply with your registration code and the firmware file.
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